New Products

The new standard for RNA isolation from extra small samples

  • MACHEREY-NAGEL is happy to announce the launch of a product for the isolation of RNA > 100 nt from extra small amounts of cells and tissues (1–10^5 cultured cells, < 5 mg human / animal tissue). 

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EnGen® Spy Cas9 Nickase

  • EnGen® Spy Cas9 Nickase is a variant of Cas9 nuclease differing by a point mutation (D10A) in the RuvC nuclease domain, which enables it to nick, but not cleave, DNA.

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EnGen® Spy dCas9 (SNAP-tag®)

  • EnGen® Spy dCas9 is an inactive mutant of Cas9 nuclease that retains programmable DNA binding activity (1,2). The N-terminal SNAP-tag® allows for covalent attachment of fluorophores, biotin, and a number of other conjugates useful for visualization and target enrichment. 

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