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Plasmid DNA – Online seminar From purification to vaccination

tips to help you to optimize your processes and introduce you to the increasingly important applications with high-demanding results for vaccine and AAV production

Ornat is the exclusive distributor of AssayGenie in Israel.

AssayGenie offers a range of high sensitivity ELISA kits, Multiplex ELISA assay and a vast range of antibodies.

Cell Signaling Technology was awarded "Antibody supplier of the decade" by CiteAb.

An exciting award for the company with the largest percentage total market share for its products over the last decade.

Ornat is the exclusive distributor of BTX in Israel

BTX offers range of electroporation systems and accessories, Ideal for all of your electroporation needs, including CRISPR, in vivo, in vitro, in ovo and more.

Ornat NewsEvents & Seminars